Arash Faxr
29 ساله از سمنان
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Arash Faxr
1391/9/28 08:16:55

TaqaviNia solaced to American survivors students

In a statement ,chief
Of Islamic Propagation
Office in Semnan city solaced to families of American

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Propagation
Office , Hojatoleslam
TaqaviNia solaced to families of American
students in a statement .

Hojatoleslam TaqaviNia said in his statement : Lo! survivors have been killed your children horribly!
,  now
you know well endured the death of innocent men, women and children whom killed by Americans guns in every corner of the world is Intolerable

chief Of Islamic Propagation Semnan Office in The
statement added : That was just a month ago that America
donated weapons to the Zionist regime killed innocent women, children and men
in Gaza . Is
it not high time that the people of America were aware  to stand against weapons and ammunition factories
products which threaten their lives , money
and safety ?

I, as a Muslim, bemoan and
  with all of the pain due to the parents and survivors of killed children and I hope dearly not happen these
tragic events not only in
U.S society nor anywhere in the world .